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OUKITEL is Shocking the World on MWC 2016

OUKITEL is Shocking the World on MWC 2016 published on No Comments on OUKITEL is Shocking the World on MWC 2016

This is a carnival for smartphone field!
On MWC 2016, there are a lot of smartphone manufacturers drawing attention with their new products like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5, or new technology like OPPO VOCC flash charge. OUKITEL is also shocking the world due to the 10000mAh battery smart phone OUKITEL K10000.
The endurance of battery is cared by more and more consumers in recent years. Although smart phone manufacturers have optimized the system, most smart phones has to be charged every day.
To solve this pain spot, OUKITEL has been researching in this field since the last half year of 2015 by announcing the big battery series “K” which focused on super smart standby, big battery and longer endurance.
OUKITEL has launched several big battery smartphones which have got positive feedback from consumers all over the world. At the end of 2015, OUKITEL even launched the world’s first and biggest battery smart phone OUKITEL K10000 with 10000mAh battery. It has been some time since announcement, but the fever of K10000 ain’t pass. On the MWC in Barcelona, many Medias, buyers, fans, even competitors are visiting OUKITEL’s booth to see this King of battery.
If you think this K10000 only features the biggest battery, you are wrong. It also features intelligent power saving system, super power saving tech, reverse charging and flash charging.

Not only K10000, other models which belongs to the big battery series is also catching eyes on MWC.
If you are visiting MWC, don’t forget to check out oukitel at: 7J73
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