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Flip Smartphone is About to Stir Things Up

Flip Smartphone is About to Stir Things Up published on No Comments on Flip Smartphone is About to Stir Things Up

The 2016 MWC is coming soon and many companies are going to present their bests of the year. Vkworld is also about to give out a very unique phone. It is said to be a flip smartphone with two screens like the Samsung W2015.

vkowrd flip
vkowrd flip

For this special phone, some rumors reveal that it is built with high-end material–metal most likely. But from the leaked pictures,
its back cover seems to be glass like what we see on Samsung Galaxy S6. Anyway. The design seems mind-blowing.
And the most important thing is that it features two screens on both side of the flip. When you close the phone, the screen on the outside
can serve as a panel for showing time, notifications, music and all kinds of shortcuts.

As a flip phone, it is equipped with physical keyboard.
Last but not least, this flip phone also ships with Android OS,
probably the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
It will be on market next month.
Source: vkworld

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